Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Are Your Thoughts???

I have been thinking a lot about TV viewing lately. We have the basic package and found when we had the packages with more stations, we watched TV way too much. With the basic television package, not only are we saving a about $50 a month, but we have more time! I love having the TV off and feel like a waste when I have it on all day. I do have my favorite shows and Logan and I LOVE Ellen! {In fact he just started laughing when I asked him if he wanted to watch Ellen. Is that disturbing that a 16 month old likes Ellen?}

Surfing the blogsphere, I have read about some families and I even have a few friends who have chosen not to have any cable stations in their homes. In fact, one family, who has small children does not even own a TV. I think that is fantastic, although I'm not sure that I could be that dedicated. {I do like my 30 minute of Barney respite.} It's so sad that I can't even imagine NOT having a TV in my home. That kind of bothers me.

I recently learned of a study that stated that for every hour a toddler and small child watches TV, it increases their chance of having ADHD by 10%. That's a bit scary especially when you consider how much time children are now watching TV. Isn't it like 4-6 hours a day?

I love that without having the TV on, we have family dinner at the table, we play together as a family, and discuss our ideas and thoughts more. Family is ever coming more and more important to me. I don't like what the TV brings into our home. I don't like the images, the music, the story lines. I want to keep my home a peaceful, happy place.

I don't think TV is necessarily bad. I just get so frustrated when I sit and idly watch TV. There are times I couldn't even tell you what I watched. I don't want my children to waste their time and would rather them being productive. There are great informative shows on and I really do enjoy those shows. I come away feeling a bit smarter. I also think it can be a great tool in introducing other cultures around the world.

What are your thoughts? Do you think having a TV is good to have in your home? How much TV should children watch?


Anonymous said...

All things in moderation is generally my motto. :) And when the tv is on, choose wisely.

jayandsheena said...

this is our day in and day out struggle! i feel such satisfaction when i can see madelyn entertaining herself with her toys and using her imagination, and have such a blah feeling when i see her starting at the television like a zombie! i've grown accustomed to the tv keeping me company. like even if i'm not watching, i'd like to have it on in the background to make it feel like the house isn't empty! it's so silly! but its added noise and i defintely notice the difference and the spirit that i can feel in my home when it's off. i'm trying to use it in moderation, so rather than having madelyn watch it while i dry my hair first thing in the morning, i save the tv time to just before daddy comes home from work when i'm ready to pull my hair out! i'm trying to pack our day with things outside of the home, even if it's just errands at the store, just so i can keep away from sinking into the slump of having that tv on!

wendy said...

I am just glad I am not raising kids right now-----But yes, I think tv needs to be monitored. We have cable and my husband has all the sports packages--we watch too much tv, I am aware of it, but not willing to do anything about it. But like I said, I don't have little children who need me.

nikkicrumpet said...

I was really lucky raising my kids in that they didn't watch much TV. We lived in a neighborhood with so many kids that there was always somebody to play with and something going on. And two of my kids were HUGE readers and preferred that to TV watching...which was wonderful. I can't totally understand the need to edit what they see...there is so much horrible crap out there available. Keep up the good work...sounds like you're making sure your kids get whats best for them.

Fresh Mommy said...

We do have TV, but I don't like to have it on too much either, and try to limit the time watching... especially for my daughter. Great thoughts, I agree!