Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have had many questions about when I am putting up our Easter pictures. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well for quite a few days and had no motivation to put together a basket or take any pictures. Don't get me wrong, I had a basket in mind. But as usual, I have a hard time getting from what is in my mind to reality. Thankfully Logan doesn't know any better and I am finally feeling better!

To appease my mother {who asked about the pictures tonight} and the few others who have asked, here are some pictures from Logan and my time together at the park. I had four days off for Spring Break and absolutely LOVED my time completely focusing on Logan during the day! I do have to admit I LOVED the time I could focus on myself during nap time. : )

The view of Logan that I usually see.

Finally a face to take a picture of!

Logan thinks he is bigger than he is. He is now attempting to walk up and down stairs. Up, I don't mind. Down, not a big fan of.

Logan and I could be at the park everyday if the weather would let us!

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Alaina Nelson said...

He is looking so cute! I love your pictures!