Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Simplifying by Organizing

I'm getting my life organized!

I have been using my handy dandy binder to keep all my coupons, shopping lists, phone numbers, goals, and everything else all together in one easy space. I am loving it!!! I am feeling so much more efficient and put together.

By the way, went grocery shopping today (keep in mind I am building our food storage) and saved $37.00 by using the sales and coupons. Yahoo!

I still need to figure out how to reduce my time looking for coupons, scanning the sales fliers, and matching up the sales with coupons. It takes me at least 2 hours. I do have a system of filing my coupons, which is awesome, but I think that is what is taking the most time.

Here is my beautiful picture to document what my shopping list looks like. It is going into my 365 Project.

Today I tackled the kitchen. Logan was a HUGE help. He loved showing me that the Mac and Cheese belongs on the floor instead of in the pantry.

I am not an organized person by nature, so I have to try many systems to find what works for me. I think actually labeling the different shelves will keep me in the right direction. I also took an inventory of everything I have and labeled the expiration date. I still need to put it in a spreadsheet and continue to update it so I know when I need to use my food storage and what areas I need to build up.

Isn't she lovely (yes, if you know the song, it is in my mind now.)

What is sad is that I live in an apartment and it is taking me forever to get it to feel organized and simplified. What is it going to take when I have an actual house? I am hoping doing the leg work now will make it that much easier in the future. Is that wishful thinking???


Yaya said...

Did I inspire you? ;)

Ashley said...

Having just moved, we cleaned out a LOT of junk. We had food from BEFORE we were married. Ew....

LOVE having less JUNK!!!

P.S. Would you like a Cuttle Bug?

Pamela said...

shelfreliance.com is where i get all my food storage supplies and food. Just wanted to let you all know that they are having a sale on lots of stuff including some of their shelves!! Check it out ladies!