Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Week Continues...

Shoot, I skipped a day yesterday. I LOVE blogging, but life is sure getting in the way these past few months.
  • I LOVE creating and sustaining traditions. I LOVE creating memories. I get all warm and mushy when I think about these things.

  • I LOVE doing things. While I do enjoy relaxing days (and yes, I absolutely need them on somedays,) I LOVE going out and exploring my little part of the world. One day I will LOVE exploring other part's of the world, but all in due time.

  • I LOVE pumpkins, snowmen, and stars. Ahhh, looking around I can see 13 snowmen that complement my little home. Thankfully, Curtis enjoys my seasonally decorating. Unfortunately, I think I have more in storage. There is just not much that a two-bedroom apartment can hold.

  • I LOVE music. Music warms my soul. I LOVE classical to hip hop to alternative. As I am getting on in my years, I am really starting to define what I enjoy listening to. I do have to put in that I cannot stand most country music. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. A quick little story, a few years ago when I was teaching 11th and 12th grade emotional support, my students thought it was pretty hilarious that I started to sing along to the music they were listening to. Jeesh, how old do they think I am?

  • I LOVE a clean and organized home. I am in the mode of trying to get my home completely organized and simplified (my word for the year.) I am really trying to figure out routines for getting things done quickly. As of this week, I have a weekly housekeeping chart and I think I finally figured out the best way for me to plan a menu. Yahoo! I am very thankful for all the wonderful blogs out there that have posted so many fantastic ideas!

  • I have found that I use the word definitely too much, so I must LOVE the word.

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