Thursday, January 1, 2009

Top 10 of 2008

1. Fell asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve. Woke up for 1 1/2 minutes to see the ball drop and then back to my dreams. I love the life of a wife and mother. Okay this is not huge but it happened last night and thought it was pretty funny.

2. Logan's first birthday. We made it and I still think of a having a newborn and not feeling baby hungry! Okay, just a bit, but not enough to go ahead and do anything about it quite yet.

3. Trip to Stowe, Vermont with Curtis's parents. Lots of relaxation, beautiful green scenery, biking, and being together.

4. Made three trips to Utah to visit family. I wish they could see Logan more and try to go as much as possible. Thank goodness for blogging and Skype.

5. Found blogging land and amazed how people market their blogs.

6. Resurfaced a love of writing and started this little blog so anyone who reads about our family doesn't have to read all my ramblings.

7. Fell in love more and more with Curtis and Logan. LOVE spending time with my little family and can't get enough of Logan, although I admit I love bedtimes and nap times!

8. Bought a SLR and desperately trying to take better pictures. I really want to take a class and planning on saving my money this year to attend Creative Photography Retreat

9. Went camping as a family. We loved it and want to go again and again and again.

10. Discovered Dave Ramsey! Working on our debt diet and excited about the thought of being debt free!!!


blueviolet said...

I think that's the umptieth time I've heard about Dave Ramsey. I have got to find his radio show now. I'm totally writing it on my to-do list today.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Ramsey ROCKS...Debt free and loving it!!

Great post, Great blog!!

Happy New Year!!

Rhonda said...

Happy New Year!

kisatrtle said...

I found blogging this year too and am really enjoying it. First year baby syndrome can be overwhelming...glad you made it through it. The fever will be looming when the 2nd birthday rolls around.

P.S. I'm in PA too.

Mama Kat said...

Ooh that retreat sounds like fun!!!

I love your list. Thanks for playing!!