Thursday, March 19, 2009

In 3 Minutes, I Can

I think I am so brain dead lately that these writing prompts have been terrible for me. This week, I think I can this one. Mama Kat asked, In 3 minutes what can you do.

I can...
  • put on my make-up
  • turn on Barney for some quiet time
  • login to my email, Google Reader, and Facebook (gotta love saved tabs)
  • make a bowl of cereal
  • put on my clothes
  • do my hair when I just let it air dry (which is most of the time)
  • water my two plants
  • change a diaper
  • fall asleep (unless like last night, I am stupid and watch Criminal Minds and scare myself silly envisioning serial killers breaking into my home)

What can I not do in 3 minutes?

Write a blog post.


Melissa said...

Great list... it's funny how when we really think about it, we CAN get things done fast, if needed!!!

Carrin said...

I wasa never a multitasker before I was a mom! It's a wonder how many things we can get done in 3 minutes.