Friday, February 20, 2009

A Letter

My dearest Spring,

I am writing to beg you to push Winter out. Winter has not been very pleasant to us this year. I have a 15 month old little guy who NEEDS to be outside. While Winter has shown a bit of snow here and there, he has mainly kept us indoors. He is just not nice. He makes us go to the mall play area. Keep in mind, while so many other children may enjoy this, my little guys is a bit shorter and younger than the rest and the kids run over him. I get a bit apprehensive and can only take so much of it. We need to be outside and soon.

I know you poked your head in last week. Oh, how we enjoyed it! We were outside walking and playing. The little guy was ecstatic and I loved seeing his happy smile. I know how much his smile warms your soul. Could you please come a bit earlier this year? I will resort to begging and bribing if it would work. What do you think? Pretty please???

Your desperate friend,


Michelle said...

I second that motion!

Elise said...

You do realize you were out of town for the "coldest days ___ has seen in 30 years" right?

Just checking. You know I love you.