Thursday, January 29, 2009

Literacy Thursday

I am constantly trying to find new books for Logan's enjoyment. Jennifer at If Your Happy and You Know It is hosting Literacy Thursdays. What a great idea!!! Each Thursday I will try to post a book that Logan and I enjoy.

This week, Logan has enjoyed this book with my mom.
Please disregard the look inside arrow, I borrowed the image from Amazon.

I absolutely love the pictures and and of course how much the Monster Mama loves her little boy. Thankfully I don't look like Monster Mama, although, maybe I do in the mornings after a sleepless night.



Yaya said...

Oh, cool, I'll have to check it out.

Jennifer said...

I've never seen this one! But, we might have to save once we are out of the afraid of monsters phase. I do love me some "love your Momma/son" books! :)

Thanks for playing this week and your name will be in the drawing for the subscription!

Allison said...

I hadn't heard of this one...I'll have to go look for it. My son adores any kind of monster book.

Found you on Jennifer's Mr. Linky! Thanks for the recommendation!

April said...

Thanks for saying hi and for your well wishes!

The Harris Family said...

Thanks for the recomendation I love that you are going to start doing this. We always need some new book ideas.