Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bargain Shopping

I have been wanting a great pair of black pumps for awhile now. I finally found this shoe that I absolutely loved at Macy's. Although I have a gift card that would cover the price, I can't stand to have to pay full price for an item. Even worse now that I work at home, I have a hard time paying even sale prices. I love me some cheap clothing! Anyway, I decided to search the web. I searched Amazon and lo and behold what did I find, but my shoes for $34 instead of $70. I was ecstatic and had to buy them right away. Oh, how I love bargain shopping on the Internet!


Tabitha Blue said...

Nice job!!! I love a great bargain like that!!!! Way to go, and Happy New Year!!


Michelle said...

Great bargain!! Oh how I love cheating the system! Cute shoes!