Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am so grateful to be a mother. For the past few weeks, I have often wondered why I am so fortunate to be able to have grown my own child while others have not had that opportunity and have turned to adoption. I love adoption. I always have and always will. I have had family members who have been adopted as well as many friends and co-workers who have adopted their children. I feel strongly that one day I may even adopt. Only time will tell.

My heart aches for those wonderful parents out there who are facing hiccups in their adoption process. I have read many incredible blogs from woman who have had their babies placed back into the birth parent or grandparent's home. I cannot imagine the pain and hell these women are going through. I often think how incredible lucky I am to be able to never have to face that horror. I really wish adoption was an alternative to many single, pregnant women and teenagers. I get so frustrated because I have had so many students, as young as age 13, become pregnant. I have discussed adoption with them and they state they cannot do that. They feel like it is wrong and cannot do this disservice to their baby. I want to scream at the top of my lungs, that in fact, they are showing how much they love this baby and want the best life for this little being from God. It breaks my heart that many of these souls are being born into poverty and disadvantages. Countless studies have proven that two parent homes are the best environment to raise children. I know that there are incredible single parent homes out there, and I do not mean to say it cannot be done, but I believe it must be so incredibly hard.

I truly wish mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members would look at the welfare of the child instead of their own needs. I have such great admiration for mothers who have placed their child. I cannot even start to imagine the love they have and how selfless these mothers and some fathers truly are. I know they will be blessed and given peace throughout their lives for this decision.

I truly hope and pray that adoption will again (if it ever was) be an alternative to parenting and abortion.


angie said...

Beautifully put....I'm glad this is the post that began my day!

Ashley said...

Becky, I love ya.

I spoke with Julia's birth mother last night.

Can you believe SHE thanked US?

She thanked us for giving Julia the life she couldn't?

Told us she was grateful for us?

I have a response for people who say, "I could never give away MY baby."

"I guess not all of us are capable of loving that deeply."

Adoption is about loathe and it's about love. It sucks some days and is simply the most amazing thing other days.

Thank you for being an adoption advocate. You're awesome.